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The protocol guide contains background, best practices, and a user's guide for using TechQual+. Read this guide for an in depth introduction to using the TechQual+ tools as well as the best practices gleamed from use of TechQual+ at dozens of institutions. The following video discusses the project's research and approach.

Understanding the end user perspective is difficult for most IT leaders. Each higher education institution has its own diverse audiences of faculty, students, and staff - each with different and competing needs – which significantly increases the difficulty of this challenge. Among higher education administrators, there is broad consensus that technology services must evolve to become more aligned with end user expectations. However, bridging the gap between those who deliver technology services and those who use technology is difficult.

The Higher Education TechQual+ Project was created to help IT leaders close this gap between their organizations and those they serve. The project produces a standardized questionnaire that measures three core commitments expected of IT organizations in higher education: 1) Faculty, students, and staff want great technology services, particularly online services; 2) they want to be able to access those services from anywhere, at any time, in a reliable and effective manner; and 3) they want consistent and timely support whenever necessary so that they can use technology as effectively as possible. The core TechQual+ survey is informed by focus groups from the participating institutions and is revised as necessary to reflect new trends and shifting expectations.

The core TechQual+ survey instrument contains 13 items that assess the quality of services as related to the three core commitments. Each core commitment is measured through four separate items, or IT service outcomes. When designing their TechQual+ survey, institutions may also include additional service dimensions that are unique to their own organizations. They may also incorporate custom additional questions including open-ended questions, multiple choice questions, and multiple answer questions. By relying on the Higher Education TechQual+ Project, institutions gain the benefit of measuring a key set of concepts of proven importance to faculty, students, and staff. Institutions also have the flexibility of creating additional survey items that reflect the uniqueness of technology services that are provided locally.

By conducting an annual TechQual+ survey at their institution, IT leaders can assess the strength and performance of their IT services using an approach that focuses on the end user. With annual surveys, IT leaders can be more effective in their provision of IT services, basing delivery on a regular, recurring cycle of assessment, planning, prioritization, and accountability.

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